Up to 20 plays from your game footage. Includes 5 DVDs + YouTube link.
Player Identified with circle or arrow on each play....... $199.00

Add extra plays for $7.00 each
Extra DVD copies $3.99 each

Note: Changes other than those to correct mistakes made on our part are charged at $75.00/hour billed in 10 minute increments. ($12.50)

Turn around time 2-3 days

Note: Add $10.00 to above prices for shipping and handling

How It Works

Once your highlight has been produced, we will put it up on an "unlisted" YouTube channel and send you a link to it so you can view and approve it before we make the final DVDs. After it's approved by you, we will send you an Invoice through PAYPAL and after you pay it via credit/debit card, we will make the YouTube link "public" and send you the link code for you to send out to coaches. The DVD's will be burned and sent out the next business day.

1. Call us to schedule your production. 517-548-7316

2. Select your best shots. Review each game and log the time each play you want in the hightlight video begins. Log these plays on to a log sheet. You can download and use this sample or make one of your own. Log sheet sample click here

3. Fill out this Athlete's Information Sheet (a Microsoft Word file .doc) and send to us via email to: info@allsportsvideos.com

4. Select any still photos to be used. These can be sent along with your materials or sent via email to us.

Send your game files/clips via email or Google Drive or Hudl

If sending DVDs by regular mail:

TCL Communications, Inc
PO Box 564
Howell, MI 48844
Att: All Sports Videos

If shipping by UPS, FedEx, or a different parcel service:

TCL Communications, Inc
2155 Beagle Run Ct
Howell, MI 48843
Att: All Sports Videos

--Do not hesitate to call us at 517-548-7316 with any questions you may have.

or by E-mail info@allsportsvideos.com

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